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Our Heritage

Sarnia Yachts’ history dates back to 1971. The company was set up by a private bank to provide services to yacht owners who wanted to fly the highly respected British Red Ensign but who did not qualify to do so in their own name.

Sarnia Yachts’ solution was to provide a Guernsey yacht-owning company which qualified for all the British flags including the most popular - Guernsey and the UK. Our expertise as yacht-owning directors has proved invaluable over the years.

A successful management buyout from Ansbacher Private Bank in 2008 enabled Sarnia Yachts to set sail for broader horizons. The business developed with more consultancy services to assist clients with every aspect of yacht ownership and operation including yacht administration, crew employment, VAT management, flag registration and insurance.

Our services have continued to develop and evolve but our fiduciary expertise has remained the thread that weaves its way through the history of the company. Sarnia Yachts celebrates 50 years in business in 2021.

With the ever-increasing demand for Maltese services over the last decade, Sarnia Yachts opened an office in the outskirts of Valletta giving us valuable access to in-house expertise in Malta. 

In 2019 a new UK office in Southampton was opened in order to centralise group operations and also to enhance the crew management services provided to yacht owners. Located close to Southampton airport, this office provides an ideal meeting point from staff from both Malta and Guernsey whilst also providing a base in the UK where a large number of our clients and contacts are based. 

It’s Sarnia Yachts’ specialist knowledge that makes the journey of yacht ownership a smooth one.

We work as a team to deliver compliant and secure yacht ownership.

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