New Build & Refit Management Service

Thanks to our considerable experience and often long-established relationships with constructions yards, designers, naval architects, major subcontractors etc, we are able to offer the advice Owners need to guide them through the build process, together with the on-site monitoring and supervision required to ensure the project remains on track and ends delivers the desired outcome – their private ultra-luxury holiday resort afloat.

There is a lot to think about at each stage of the process. Sarnia Yachts can bring in the necessary skills at the appropriate time, from early concept right through to delivery and beyond. Even before the Owner is given the keys to their prize asset, Sarnia Yachts is ready to support them and the yacht’s Captain and Crew to transition it into active operation, ensuring no important aspects of the initial operation are overlooked.

Our unique array of services are ideally suited to provide comprehensive support to Owners seeking to build their dream yacht, or extensively modify and convert their existing vessel.

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