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Managing VAT

Any yacht owner who is planning to operate in the EU must consider VAT. Sarnia can provide a variety of different VAT structures to help.

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Corporate Ownership

Corporate yacht ownership can provide many benefits and peace of mind to owners of all sizes and types of vessel.

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Yacht Management

Supporting private and corporate luxury yacht owners or trustees including expense settlement, financial reporting, cash cards, flag and crew technical support, and employment and payroll.

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Registering Your Yacht

Sarnia has registered thousands of yachts, for all types of owners. Sarnia will advise on the most favourable jurisdictions for company, flag, VAT and EU importation and ongoing compliance with the EU VAT rules.

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Yacht Insurance

Sarnia Yachts has been arranging insurance for yacht owners - protecting the owners, crew and yachts - for over 40 years.

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Steering clients through maritime regulations and VAT rules for luxury yacht ownership since 1971.