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Yacht Insurance

It’s not all plain sailing. Protecting the owner, crew and yacht against an accident or liability is imperative. Sarnia Yachts has been arranging insurance for yacht owners for nearly 50 years.

Choosing the right insurance policy starts with understanding an owner’s requirements, the type and size of yacht and its crew. Commercial or private use, the destinations and plans for the season all have an impact on the choice of coverage.

The value of the correct insurance cover can never be underestimated. Peace of mind comes from well-chosen, comprehensive cover which is designed to protect the yacht, its owner and crew.

There are many different types of cover and levels of risk wrapped up in a single policy or multiple policies. Rather than just simply searching for the cheapest cover, which may be deficient, Sarnia’s aim is to find the right cover for the client at the most competitive price so you can enjoy your time on board.

We specialise in the following types of cover:

  • Hull & Machinery
  • Protection & Indemnity
  • Crew Welfare
  • Employer’s Liability
  • Third Party Liability
  • War Risk
  • Water Quality/COFR

Sarnia finds the right cover, at the most competitive price so you can enjoy your time on board.