STCW 2010 Refresher Training

Where Captains, Officers and Crew are working on Yachts requiring STCW Certification, they will be required to update certain elements of their training and, upon inspection or during CoC re-validation, will need to provide documentary evidence that either, such refresher training has been carried out within the previous 5 years, or that the full course has been completed within the previous 5 years.

The elements requiring updating (dependent upon the level of certificate held) are confirmed as:

  •  Basic Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting
  •  Advanced Fire Fighting
  •  Personal Survival Techniques
  •  Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats
  •  Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats

However, Port State Control (and other maritime administrations) have been asked to take a ‘pragmatic and practical approach‘ if a crew member has not been able to get on an STCW updated course in time.

With the exception of the basic Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, some Flag States, such as the UK, may permit certain onboard training and experience as being able to fulfil the new requirements as part of a self-declaration. More information is available in MSN 1865 (M) which clarifies which courses require refreshing, according to which level of Certificate of Competency is held.

Training centres are now providing scheduled refresher training courses, including ‘Refresher Weeks’ where all training can be completed in a combined course.

We strongly recommend that all Captains, Officers and Crew make early plans, as the January 1st 2017 deadline fast approaches.

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