Kim Hamilton

Kim Hamilton

Crew Services Officer

Kim has worked for Sarnia Yachts for many years. She originally joined as a typist and filing clerk but over a period of time she started to undertake other duties and her role changed to that of Client Services Officer. Kim has built up her knowledge of the marine industry over the years and will ensure that clients, captains and crew members alike receive a high standard of attention.

On a day-to-day basis Kim deals with all aspects of crew employment & payroll including screening of potential crew, subsequent crew employment and monthly crew payrolls.

Kim is most likely to be found in the kitchen baking and decorating 3D cakes which have included motor cars and cartoon characters. She can also be found with a friend walking the island of Guernsey as they intend to walk every road, lane and footpath on the island – just not all in one day! She also enjoys visiting Turkey where she can travel around and immerse herself in the culture of the country.

Little-known fact…Kim’s most ambitious 3D cake has to be a model of the Eiffel Tower.

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