Louise joined Sarnia Yachts in August 2019 as Head of Crew Management, with her role focused primarily on providing the best service to Sarnia Clients whilst ensuring adherence to all applicable Maritime Regulations. Having worked on board a number of large yachts during her career, primarily in the role of Purser, Louise has extensive experience in all aspects of crew employment/payroll as well as crew management.

Louise’s blend of yachting and HR qualifications, together with hands-on experience both at sea as well as ashore, makes her ideally suited to the demands of yacht owners, captains and crew. Her qualifications include ISM Lead Auditor, ISM Internal Auditor and also CIPD. She is also our resident expert on the Code of Conduct for the Merchant Navy.

With a husband working on board yachts, a young daughter and also a passion for health and fitness instruction/martial arts training, Louise likes to keep herself busy. 

Little-known fact...Louise still finds time to play bass guitar in 2 bands and loves nothing more than a bit of crowd surfing with fans

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