Yacht Insurance

Sarnia Yachts can wear many hats: as directors of yacht owning companies, yacht managers and crew employers.

Each of these roles carries differing responsibilities, but all have one thing in common which is a need to ensure that adequate and suitable insurance cover is in place in respect of the yacht and its crew.

No two yachts are alike, especially when owner’s preferences around operation are taken into account. This translates into no two yacht’s insurance requirements being the same, so in order to arrange the correct insurance we have to adopt a bespoke approach. This ensures that the exact needs of the yacht and its operation are taken into account and are catered for by the insurance cover arranged.

Thanks to our 50 years of experience and long standing relationships with niche marine insurance markets, whichever hat Sarnia Yachts is wearing, it is well placed to access the most appropriate cover at the most competitive premium and negotiating discounts that will be passed directly onto the yacht owner. We can also support owners when considering their insurance needs. As part of our impartial and transparent business practice, Sarnia Yachts does not receive any form of commission from any brokers we work with.

Note: Sarnia Yachts is not a regulated provider of insurance services, but undertakes the placement of insurance as part of its duties when acting in the capacity as director(s) of a yacht owning company or as the legal employer of crew serving on yachts.

Sarnia Yachts finds the right cover, at the most competitive price so you can enjoy your time on board.

Lou Billington

Lou Billington

Yacht Insurance Manager

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