Yacht Registration

Sarnia Yachts has registered thousands of yachts, for all types of owners. Every owner and every yacht is unique, just as every flag state is different. This is where Sarnia Yachts' in-depth working knowledge of the marine industry comes into play.

We will consider the vessel’s VAT status and the owner’s nationality, residency and operational and cruising plans. Plus other factors such as the tonnage and length of the yacht and whether the vessel is new or previously owned.

As you’d expect, we regularly work with the ship registry offices in the main flag states. Sarnia Yachts will help identify the best location to register each yacht.

Certificate of Registry

Once we’ve made our recommendations, Sarnia Yachts oversees the whole registration process from start to finish. We will provide the Certificate of Registry and all other relevant documents; all you need to do is plan your first voyage.

Choice of Flag

Please get in touch if you would like to receive a bespoke fee proposal to manage the registration of your yacht under one of the following flags: 


British Virgin Islands

Cayman Islands



Isle of Man



United Kingdom

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