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For clients wanting a full suite of crew services including recruitment, placement, travel, training, leave tracking and visa arrangements, crew management enhances our employment and payroll services.

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& Payroll

From screening potential employees to adherence to the Maritime Labour Convention, we take care of crew employment and payroll services for yacht owners.

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Maritime Labour

Employment and maritime laws have become increasingly complex. For 50 years we’ve helped hundreds of yacht owners with many different aspects of crew employment law.

MLC & Safe Handling

Document Library

All commercial vessels are obliged to make these documents accessible to the crew on board at all times.

Let our crew take care of yours.

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Malta Social Security Rates 2023

EU Regulation 883/2004 states that seafarers who are either citizens or residents of the EU/EEA or Switzerland and, who are employed on board a vessel flying the Malta flag, must be insured under Malta’s Social Security system. For non-EU citizens/residents, there is...

US owners charter their yachts in Europe?

Many US yacht owners want to cross over to Europe to enjoy one or more seasons in the cruising grounds offered within the Mediterranean. If these owners wish to charter their yachts during this period in EU waters, this is certainly possible, but a number of important...

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