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Yacht Ownership

Relax, explore, discover, entertain. Whatever your reason, the pleasure of yacht ownership should never be lessened by the ever-increasing complexities of international regulations. Services include corporate ownership, VAT management, yacht registration and flag administration.

Open Owning & Operating

Crewing Your Yacht

Let our crew take care of your crew. Sarnia has a team dedicated to providing MLC-compliant crew employment and payroll services for yachts of all sizes. We use an exclusive cell and dedicated bank account for each yacht.

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Yacht Management

Our newly launched Yacht Management service means we can now provide an end to end service to yacht owners. From an appropriate owning vehicle at the top, right down to the day to day management and operation of yacht and its crew, it's in our hands. This is all delivered on one single IT platform, providing efficiencies in cost as well as delivery - a huge benefit to yacht owners!

Unrivalled yacht expertise

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