Crew Management

To compliment employment and payroll services, Sarnia Yachts is able to provide full Crew Management to yacht owners wishing to outsource the additional elements required for larger yachts.


We work with carefully selected recruitment service partners tailored for the requirements of each yacht. Interviews and screening will be arranged for all potential candidates, especially senior officers and document screening of all certificates and references obtained.

Leave Tracking

Based on information provided to us from the Captain/Purser we will track all crew leave and absences to ensure compliance with contract terms that crew only take accrued leave due to them.

Crew Travel

Working with travel agents who specialise in yachting crew we arrange the travel requirements for all crew and endeavour to provide 2 or 3 travel options for each trip


All crew qualifications will be monitored and a program of training will be established to ensure that all crew are scheduled to attend relevant courses so that relevant crew qualifications are maintained at all times. Familiarisation and safety training will be undertaken on board the yacht by the Captain and senior officers and evidenced to us.

Highly experienced crew team providing employment, payroll and management.

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