Exportation of yachts from Italian Shipyards

Updated from 19 May 2016 to include used yachts

Changes to the exportation procedure for both new and used yachts from Italian shipyards has been welcomed by the yachting industry and provides a simplified process for Non EU owners without the need to remove the yacht to a Non EU port. The Circulare N.14D from Agenzia Delle Dogane E Dei Monopoli can be downloaded online. The removal of a yacht to a Non EU port still remains an option for the initial removal and remains the only procedure for any future exportation’s from the EU.

Previously, any yacht delivery on the basis of an export from an Italian shipyard was required to proceed to a Non EU port and submit documentary evidence to the shipyard in order to complete the export formalities and to discharge the shipyards VAT liability on the sale transaction.  Failure to provide the documentary evidence of removal to a Non EU port to the shipyard triggered an Italian VAT liability at 22% for the shipyard.

Under the new procedure, the removal of the new or used yacht owned by a shipyard to International waters (at least 12 miles offshore) and the submission of the appropriate supporting evidence to the Italian Customs Authorities is sufficient to complete the export formalities and discharge the VAT liability. Yachts that then wish to re-enter the EU are free to return from International waters to either Italy or another EU port.

For those wishing to re-enter the EU and to operate under Temporary Admission, the 18 month clock will commence from this point.

An Italian agent should be appointed to notify Customs prior to the removal, to liaise with Customs during the process and to obtain the stamped documentation from Customs which closes the exportation process.

The physical removal of the yacht to International waters must be accompanied by the following:

  • A declaration signed by the owning company or by the captain of the Yacht stating that the vessel reached International waters;
  • A satellite report stating the position of the yacht in International waters, this is provided by A.I.S. (Automatic Identification System) on Board;
  • A photograph of the ships GPS Map evidencing the position in International Waters

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