Oliver Foster

Oliver Foster

Yacht Accountant

Ollie joined the Sarnia Yachts team in March 2023 as Yacht Accountant.

He forms part of the Yacht Management team but spanning responsibilities across our Client Accounting team also. Ollie joins us from an accounting firm and is going to be studying his CIMA qualifications alongside his role, which the company is supporting.

He is a food enthusiast, always keen to explore new eateries and try out scrumptious dishes. When not indulging in culinary delights, you can find him enjoying nature and the great outdoors. From hiking to golf

He is excited to discover the natural wonders of our area and would be grateful for any suggestions on local trails, parks, or must-see spots.

Little-known fact…He has a passion for the world of crypto and NFTs. The exciting advancements in this space have captured his imagination, and he is always eager to engage in conversations or collaborate on projects related to these topics.

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