14 Days, 2 Different Yachts, 4 EU Customs Processes and 1 Happy Owner

The Sarnia Yachts Yacht Ownership and Yacht Registration teams were set quite a challenge recently by a long standing client.

With a charter booked just 14 days after a delayed delivery of a new yacht from an Italian yard, the client asked if the Sarnia Yachts team could get all arrangements concluded to avoid the penalties and reputational damage which would otherwise arise if the booked third party charter had to be cancelled by the yacht owning company administered by Sarnia Yachts.

The first part of the process following delivery of the new yacht was to export it from Italy in conjunction with Italian Customs. Immediately following the export, the yacht was brought back into the EU under Temporary Admission to allow the use of the yacht by the Non-EU resident beneficial owner on a private pleasure basis. This enabled the owner and his captain to oversee the sale/export of the former yacht in Antibes, which was owned by the same company. This needed to be completed prior to the formal import of the new yacht.

With the sale/export for the former yacht concluded, the new yacht was moved to Cap D’Ail for the importation. Illness at the French Customs office as a result of covid, compounded by a computer failure at Customs HQ in Paris, conspired against our team. It looked as if this would derail everything and delay the third party charter starting a couple of days later in Italy.

However, utilising Sarnia Yachts’ network of French contacts, the team pulled together and were able to get the transaction over the finish line, bringing the yacht into Free Circulation in the EU and enabling the captain to pick up the charter in Italy on time.

I am very proud of this achievement by the Yacht Ownership and Yacht Registration teams at Sarnia Yachts, in such a short time frame.

Tim Joyce, CEO Sarnia Yachts

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